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Attract and retain top talent, Millennials, GenZ, and boomers alike. Boost your team’s loyalty, and contribute to your employees’ financial well-being.

Designed for your comfort

We seamlessly run crypto payroll for you

Easily manage your entire team’s crypto payroll without replacing your current payroll provider. We offer a fast, secure, and reliable way for you to pay your entire team, wherever they are.

Perfect for the entire team

Carambola is making cryptocurrency accessible to the entire team. We make ownership easy and unleash the power of blockchain to champion diversity and gender equality. 

Employer set up an
account at Carambola.

Employees customize their
payroll preferences.
Exp 80% FIAT, 10% BTC, 10% ETH.

Payroll is converted into crypto and
transferred to employee wallets.

Ultimate security

We take your safety to the extreme, protecting your digital assets from cyber threats, human error, and internal collusion. Our MPC-based wallets maintain the highest cryptographic security standards for both companies and employees.


Carambola is a technology facilitator. Our partners – the leading Crypto and FinTech companies – are fully licensed and regulated.

Carambola was developed by a team of Big Data and Cyber Security experts, maintaining safety and privacy as a top priority. Performing a monthly penetration test, we ensure full compliance with the industry standards.

Yes, Carambola offers highly secure, full custody MPC wallets. With Carambola Wallet, you can effortlessly sell your coins, pay capital gains tax, and withdraw fiat to your bank account.

Yes, you can choose to redirect coins to any wallet automatically. If you do not have one yet, you may start using Carambola Wallet and switch to another at any time.

Today, Carambola operates in the United States, Asia, and most European countries. 

Carambola lets you make international payments to your foreign employees.

Your company is still responsible for local income taxes. In the event that you wish to sell your assets, we will assist you in calculating and paying your capital gains tax with no effort.

We charge an employer a monthly fee of 10 USD per active employee. As for employees, we charge a 2% conversion fee, including all gas fees. Please, check out the Pricing Page for details and discounts. 

Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to start or stop at any time.

  • Carambola Wallet is your own private wallet. It implies that you stay in control anytime and anywhere, including your next dream job. 

In any case, the number of your coins remains the same. As long as you don’t sell them during a market crash, you won’t lose money.

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